Made up of the wonderful England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom is an archipelago off the northwest coast of the European continent. The country is twice the geographical size of the New York State. Covering a land area of 242,500 square kilometres (93,600 sq. mi.), the United Kingdom is officially recognised as the 78th largest sovereign state in the entire planet.

10 Awesome Places To Visit In United Kingdom

The northern and western portion of the country is chiefly composed of high ground, serrated mountain ridges and deep valleys. The landscape of the southern part of the country is mainly filled with greens and rolling hills. On the other hand, a collection of lakes can be found in the northwestern part of the British Isles. UK is certainly an idyllic country, from the capital London and everywhere in between, and below are the 10 awesome places one should not missed when in the UK.

1) Newcastle Upon Tyne

Popularly referred to as Newcastle, this city boasts amazing vibrancy in its nightlife. Streets are lined with the finest restaurants in the UK, that offer to serve world-class cuisine. Combining the urban landscapes with the ancient times, Newcastle showcases an extraordinary mixed of industrial city design and Victorian architecture.

Added to these, Newcastle is also famous for its lineage of art galleries, museums and massive concert halls. When in Newcastle, be sure to see the Quayside, Victoria Tunnel, the Jesmond Dene Park, and feast in the Earl of Pitt Street.

2) Inverness

The capital of the Highlands of Scotland, Inverness in Gaelic tongue means Mouth of the River Ness. It is situated near the site where the two of the most pertinent battles in the history of United Kingdom were waged: the 11th century Blar Nam Feinne battle against Norway and the 18th century Battle of Culloden.

Folklores and tales about ghosts are deeply ingrained in the place, thus making Inverness an ideal setting for films and fiction stories.

3) Limerick

Limerick is a city in Ireland that houses medieval castles and towering churches. It is part of the Munster Province and is situated in the Mid-West Region of Ireland. Limerick lies near the River Shannon and is bounded by the Abbey River.

The taverns in the city is normally filled with locals and students who are always prepared to exchange tales of faraway cities and business trading over a pint of ale. When in Limerick, be sure to pay a visit in the Hunt Museum where pieces from the history’s most pertinent artists are available for viewing.

Limerick 10 Awesome Places To Visit In UK

4) Glasgow

Scotland is featured a lot on this list, and for good reason. There are so many amazing places there, from the Fairy Pools Skye Scotland to the rugged coastline, it’s a place that needs to be visited! The largest city in Scotland and third of the largest in the entire United Kingdom, Glasgow perfectly combines elegance and earthiness. It is said that the evolution of Glasgow through centuries and decades of trade and business made the city an intriguing metropolises in Britain.

The place is filled with world-class bars and premium restaurant, lively music, and a generous amount of hospitality and friendliness from the locals. Like other places in the United Kingdom, Glasgow also boasts great museum and art galleries.

5) Oxford

A city in the central southern England, Oxford is famous in the world for its prestigious educational institutions established in the 12th century. Oxford is the 52nd largest city in the United Kingdom where diversity thrives. The 38 colleges in the city, its medieval buildings and ancient atmosphere led Matthew Arnold to call Oxford as the City of the Dreaming Spires.

Oxford 10 Awesome Places To Visit In UK

6) Bristol

With an estimated population of 449,300 in 2016, Bristol is England’s six most populous city. However, regardless of the high number of the recorded populace, Bristol remains as an elysian city endowed with a wealth of history and offbeat charm.

John Cabot, the first European to dock in North America after the Vikings, shipped out of Bristol in 1497. Aside from these historical interests, Bristol also flaunts its cafes and music venues, its docks and harbours, as well as it political murals made by Banksy.

7) Canterbury

One of the England’s chief sights, Canterbury houses the finest cathedrals in the European continent. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that lies at the centre of Kent, a county in the Southern part of England. Canterbury is a piece of a bygone era filled with narrow alleyways, ancient cities and gardens on the riverside. Pilgrims used to fill the city to pay their homage and showcase their faith and devotion.

8) Aberdeen

Also known as the Silver City with the Golden Sands, Aberdeen is the powerhouse of the northeastern part of Scotland.

A large portion of the town was constructed using silvery-grey granite, which made the place appear gloomy and taken straight from Charles Dickens’ novels. When in Aberdeen, be sure to see the Provost Skene’s House, the Aberdeen Maritime Museum, and the Gordon Highlanders Museum among other things.

Aberdeen 10 Awesome Places To Visit In UK

9) Swansea

The second-largest city situated on the coast of Wales, Swansea is a post-war city that is continuously evolving as a coastal metropolis with a five mile stretch of Swansea Bay.

Called Abertawe in Welsh, Swansea showcases numerous attractions for tourists to feast their eyes upon. This includes the Egypt Centre, the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, the National Waterfront Museum, Plantasia, Swansea Castle, as well as the Swansea Museum.

10) Edinburgh

Also called Athens of the North and the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is a place that houses old town of arts, ideals, philosophy, science, and literature.

It is considered to be the most beautiful city in Europe, a town deeply ingrained with its seascapes and landscapes, old buildings and brick walls, ancient cathedrals and timeless smear of Celtic history. The Royal Yacht Britannia, Arthur’s seat, and Edinburgh castles are among the few top sites in the city.

There really are so many great places to visit in the United Kingdom. Whether you’re looking for the best attractions in London or some incredible forests to explore, make sure you get here sooner rather than later!

Edinburgh 10 Awesome Places To Visit In UK

Have you been to the United Kingdom? What places should not be missed?


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10 Awesome Places to visit in United Kingdom