The principal city of Catalonia in the Kingdom of Spain, Barcelona is a mythical place bounded by an endless stretch of Mediterranean ocean, sun-kissed beaches, fabled architectural works, ancient buildings and masterpieces, museums, huge churches and towering spires, as well as botanic gardens and world-class zoos.

10 Best Attractions To See In Barcelona

When you’re wondering what to see in Barcelona, the 10 attractions listed below will indubitably captivate the admiration and awe of anyone who dares to enter this enchanting land.

Sagrada Familia

One of the most popular landmark visited by tourists in Barcelona, Sagrada Familia is a massive cathedral that was inaugurated by Pope Benedict XVI on November 10, 2010. Sagrada Familia features a delicate architectural structures and facades that contain a variety of stories from the sacred bible. This cathedral is currently in the process of construction. 8 out of 12 00 meters bell towers has been completed so far.

Park Guell

One of the most beautiful place in Barcelona, Park Guell is where tourists from various countries in Europe as well those outside the said continent proliferates. Located in Carmen Hill, Barcelona, it houses gardens and timeless architectural works. Unlike other parks in the city that can easily be accessed, Park Guell only released a limited number of tickets every 30 minutes.

Booking online in advance, in order to ensure your tour, is highly recommended. Placing a threshold on the number of tourists in Park Guell per day enable the management to avoid crowding as well as its possible consequences on both the place and the visitors.


Casa Mila

Also known as La Pedrera, Casa Mila is another masterpiece made by Antoni Gaudi sometime between 1906 to 1912. It was widely renowned for its unusual design and artistic façade, and in 1984, it was officially recognised and recorded by UNESCO in the institution’s list of World Heritage. Currently, Casa Mila serves as the home of Barcelona’s cultural centre, where various activities were held and a diversity of artworks were featured.

Museu Picasso

If there is a place in Barcelona where the complexities and intricacies of Pablo Picasso can be gleaned, it is the Museu Picasso. As a museum chiefly dedicated to the formative years of Pablo Picasso, it has precisely 4,251 artworks made by Picasso himself.

It was officially recognised as a museum of national interest by the government. To top it all, the museum also houses lovely courtyards as well as various designs of ancient staircases. If you ever find yourself in Barcelona, Spain, a trip to Museu Picasso is certainly a must.


Arc de Triomf

A symbol of victory, Arc de Triomf serves as the classical gateway to Parc de la Ciutadella, where a fair is regularly held. It is made of vibrant brickwork in Mudejar style and is one of the most iconic and popular landmarks in Barcelona, Spain. Designed by architect Josep Vilasepa, Arc de Triomf showcases a stunning decorative symbolism endemic in Spain. As a bonus, museums, waterfalls, lakes and other sights surrounded the area.

Parc del Laberint d’Horta

A park situated on the outskirt of the mainstream tourist trails, Parc del Laberint d’Horta is one of the most ancient green space in Barcelona. It is widely renowned for its calmness and tranquility – two characteristics that are almost impossible to find in the buzzing city of Barcelona. It is divided into two sections: the conventional park and the romantic garden where an imitation of a Moorish castle stands. Added to these, it also the echoes the tales of Greek mythology.

Barcelona Zoo

You might not think of Barcelona when you think of wildlife holidays, but that will change! Officially recognised as one of the leading zoos in Spain, Barcelona Zoo is situated inside the confines of Parc de la Ciutadella, a few meters away from the Arc de Triomf. Internationally, it is known as Snowflake. It covers approximately 13 hectares of land, where about 5,500 animals and 400 species of it resides. Among these are tropical birds and animals in the wildlife such as mandrills and titis, the smallest monkeys in the world, elephants and seals.

Jardi Botanic de Barcelona

Situated near the Montjuic Castle, Jardi Botanic de Barcelona boasts a total of 14 hectares that contains shrubs and plant species from the southern part of Australia and Africa, Canary Island, California, as well as Chile. It also showcases a view of Llobregat Delta, the Olympic sports stadium of Montjuic, as well as the urban dwellings of the city. Jardi Botanic de Barcelona is also known for cultivating rare species of plant.


Aquarium Barcelona

Located at the Port Vell harbor in Catalonia, Aquarium Barcelona showcases a diversity of marine life which is bound to indubitably mesmerize the visitors. The facility, a grand total of 35 aquariums, serves as a home to approximately 450 types of marine species – that is about 11,000 marine animals. Be prepared to be amazed to the Mediterranean sea section, where strange and remarkable creatures swam about. Because tourists from all over the world flock to the place, tickets can be obtained by the visitors online.

Montjuic Castle

One of the oldest military strongholds in Spain, Montjuic Castle offers a spectacular view of Barcelona. Towering at 173 meters above the sea level, the fortress is the precise spot to revel in 360 degree angle of the city. It was first built in 1640 and was primarily maximised as the ground to spy the city during the Reaper’s War. Safely tucked on top of Montjuic Hill, Montjuic Castle still contains, up until this point, the archeological remains of the by gone and turbulent era. This is perfect for those who are infatuated with history.


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10 Best Attractions to see in Barcelona, Spain