Perhaps, one of the most liberating things to do in this lifetime is going on road trips. The endless expanse of plains, barley, and amber grain in an idyllic landscape has no other destiny but to captivate a traveler’s, heart. Combine it with seascape — endless coastlines of white sands and rolling waves –, snow-peaked mountaintops, meandering rivers, a vast expanse of still lakes, and sand dunes, and you will be imprisoned behind the bars of adventures.

So, what are you waiting for? Prepare your car, ready your playlist and be sure to include some songs of The Beatles, pack your bag and everything you need, and hit the gas. I have written here a list of suggestions of the world’s best road trips for your journey.

Great Ocean Road in Australia

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on the surface of the Earth, the Great Ocean Road in Australia boasts a seemingly endless land of picturesque coastal drives. Enjoy one the gigantic 12 Apostles, of Australia’s most iconic rock formations, the pristine rainforests in the country, as well as the cascading waterfalls as you go along this way. Should you decide to take a break, there are exciting activities you can take on along the way such as surfing, mountain biking expeditions as well as hiking and bushwalking. If you are into arts, then I am glad to inform you that there are museums and galleries around. There are also cafes in the nearby towns where you can watch life in seaside villages.

Transfagarasan Highway in Romania

Passing over at 2000 meters and crossing the Fagaras mountain in Transylvania, Romania, Transfagarasan Highway is, to Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson, the best and most beautiful road in the world. This place, as the adventurists consistently say, not for the faint-hearted individuals. Some sections of this path do not have barriers that would prevent you from falling off a 1000 feet height; however, completing the journey on this highway is the surefire way to push your adrenalin into rapid torrents. The interminable curves and drops imprinted on its steeped terrain will, without question, satisfy your cravings for excitement and adventures.

Icefields Parkway in Canada

If you want a scenery that will make your jaw drop, then Canada’s Icefield Parkway should definitely be on the top of your road trip list. This place is littered with spectacular sights to feast your eyes upon. It has more than 100 ancient glaciers, as well as huge waterfalls. Aside from these, Icefield Parkway also boasts its wide expanse of still, turquoise colored lakes, as well as hundred rock spires. Drive a little bit to the north and you will end up is Canada’s famous Crowfoot Glacier – a spellbinding place where all you need to do to capture its beauty is to pull your camera. As a bonus, just a few meters away from Crowfoot Glacier, you will have Bow Lake where you can connect with elk and deer and bighorn sheep and other fascinating creatures in the wildlife.

Ruta 40 in Patagonia

Also known as RN-40 or La Cuarenta, Ruta 40 is the country’s longest road. Covering the road from the southernmost point of Argentina, Cabo Virgenes, to the Bolivian border Cienega, Ruta 40 is truly the ride of a lifetime. By connecting two countries, this road has paved the inspiration for the creation of many songs and stories. Aside from this, it also gives every traveler the exhilarating experience of traversing the space fabric that connects the two distant lands. If you find yourself in Argentina, be sure to complete your visit by driving through Ruta 40 – with your windows down and blaring country music.

Garden Route in South Africa

If you have watched what everyone considers as the most spectacular episode of the Black Mirror series, San Junipero, then you know what I am talking about. If you have not, I will advise you to watch it. Set in South Africa, San Junipero features idyllic landscape and scenic roads, and in that country, one of the places you must visit is the Garden Route. This road is a blend of modern and old times, of golf courses and craft centers, of ancient woodlands and forests and endless barn fields, as well as endless stretches of beautiful coastlines. Aside from these, the place also features galleries and artists communities to amaze you during your stopovers. Should you decided to take a day’s break from travel, there are cabins in the woods and inns near the beaches.

Route 66 in the USA

A historical road that stretches from Chicago to Los Angeles, Road 66 in the United States of America is the embodiment of the Jack Kerouac’s masterpieces. With over 2000 miles distance, this old lane is situated right in the middle of the great country. It is lined with neon signs of inns and all sorts of establishments, rusty trucks in the midst of nowhere, a wide expanse of wheat fields and snow-capped mountain tops in the distance. If there is any place that could sum all the definitions of the word “romance,” it is the USA’s Route 66.

If there is one thing that we should all experience in this lifetime, it is going on road trips. In this endless expanse of changing landscapes and spectacular coastlines, we will find the meaning of life.