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Adventures of a Lifetime: The World’s Best Road Trips

Perhaps, one of the most liberating things to do in this lifetime is going on road trips. The endless expanse of plains, barley, and amber grain in an idyllic landscape has no other destiny but to captivate a traveler’s, heart. Combine it with seascape — endless coastlines of white sands and rolling waves –, snow-peaked mountaintops, meandering rivers, a vast expanse of still lakes, and sand dunes, and you will be imprisoned behind the bars of adventures. So, what are you waiting for? Prepare your car, ready your playlist and be sure to include some songs of The Beatles, pack your bag and everything you need, and hit the gas. I have written here a list of suggestions of the world’s best road trips for your journey. Great Ocean Road in Australia Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on the surface of the Earth, the Great Ocean Road in Australia boasts a seemingly endless land of picturesque coastal drives. Enjoy one the gigantic 12 Apostles, of Australia’s most iconic rock formations, the pristine rainforests in the country, as well as the cascading waterfalls as you go along this way. Should you decide to take a break, there are exciting activities you can take on along the way such as surfing, mountain biking expeditions as well as hiking and bushwalking. If you are into arts, then I am glad...

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Seven Hikes You Have To Do Once In Your Life

Perhaps the glory of hiking activities reached its peak this year, with all these beautifully captured photos in social media networks. These are good things, these memories we accumulate as we take each step and aim for the mountaintop. These pictures will be the memento of our past years in times to come, things that will we pull and look into and draw comfort. If you are a real mountain climber, here are the seven hikes that you have to do once in your life. If you are not, don’t worry, this article is for you as well —...

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The 4 Best Destinations For A Family Caravan Holiday

Ever thought of trying a family caravan holiday? Things have come on a lot in recent years, and you might be surprised by the standard of the accommodation and the facilities too.  See below for four of our top picks for places you might want to visit on your next caravan holiday. North Yorkshire Choose a caravanning holiday in North Yorkshire, and you’ll have a multitude of things to attract and entertain you, from the smuggling coast to the rolling countryside of the Dales. From bustling market towns to historic cities, there is bound to be something to attract...

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The Most Romantic Destinations in the World

Of course, everyone on this planet dreams of living a life that embodies romance. The meaning of romance varies from person to person. To some, it means dinner with candle lights. To others, the act of making coffee in the morning for your lover is already intimate. It could also mean writing poem and prose or, in some cultures, singing songs. The Most Romantic Destinations In The World But what if, other than these, romance also means places? Cobbled-stones, perhaps, or French cafes. Or meaningful conversation under some cherry blossom in Japan. The concept of love, without a doubt,...

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10 Best Attractions to See in Barcelona

The principal city of Catalonia in the Kingdom of Spain, Barcelona is a mythical place bounded by an endless stretch of Mediterranean ocean, sun-kissed beaches, fabled architectural works, ancient buildings and masterpieces, museums, huge churches and towering spires, as well as botanic gardens and world-class zoos. 10 Best Attractions To See In Barcelona When you’re wondering what to see in Barcelona, the 10 attractions listed below will indubitably captivate the admiration and awe of anyone who dares to enter this enchanting land. Sagrada Familia One of the most popular landmark visited by tourists in Barcelona, Sagrada Familia is a...

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