Of course, everyone on this planet dreams of living a life that embodies romance. The meaning of romance varies from person to person. To some, it means dinner with candle lights. To others, the act of making coffee in the morning for your lover is already intimate. It could also mean writing poem and prose or, in some cultures, singing songs.

The Most Romantic Destinations In The World

But what if, other than these, romance also means places? Cobbled-stones, perhaps, or French cafes. Or meaningful conversation under some cherry blossom in Japan. The concept of love, without a doubt, constitutes a wide-array of meaning, and below is the list of geographical spaces on Earth where you can look for it.

Paris, France

Popularly known as the City of Love, Paris is the home of the 19th-century romanticism and artistic liberation. It boasts candlelit cafes and manicured gardens as well as offers lovely strolls along the Seine, a commercial waterway where restaurant and pubs lined up beside the 777-kilometre river in France. Aside from enjoying sumptuous meals, Paris also offers countless other experiences you must have.

Go and see the famous Eiffel Tower. This Parisian icon has witnessed countless scenes of marriage proposals. Spice it up by having champagne after dark on the top floor of the tower. Seal your night by watching the 20,000 gold lights illuminate everything.Of course, your Paris experience is not complete with the Eiffel Tower alone. If you find yourself here, be sure to have a stroll around Musee de la Vie Romantique. This mansion, together with its green shutters, cobblestone courtyard, as well as tangled green garden will indubitably captivate your restless heart.


Situated in the Asian continent, the Maldives, as a whole, is 90% water with only 298 square kilometres of land area. It primarily boasts stunning beaches, resorts, diving, as well as other recreational activities such as kayaking, moonlight cruises, surfing, as well as afternoon wine sessions.

Tourists who visit the country find themselves fascinated by its beauty. Aside from the endless stretch of white sand beaches and a spellbinding underwater world, Maldives also offers luxurious life — a holiday that all people on this planet should have a taste of. There is over a hundred resorts in the country, all offering equally breathtaking seascape view. There are five and six star hotel accommodations on the islands, as well as budget inns.



The Fiji islands are globally renowned for their palm-fringed features as well as soft waves and spectacular marine life. Situated in the southern part of the Pacific, Fiji boasts 333 islands where, it is said, the happiest people on this planet reside. Like the Maldives, it has private and all-inclusive resorts, as well as world-class cuisine and outdoor activities, to satiate your cravings for adventures.

Take your partner and ride and jet boat. Stroll along the Sigatoka River Safari and be in awe with the ravines and mountain views. Watersport adventure such as rafting and diving is also a good choice for couples who wish to have a torrent of adrenaline. Added to these, Fiji also boasts pristine and white beaches. A perfect getaway after an exciting day, dinner at the beach with candlelight and wine is, without a doubt, a conducive venue for tranquility and romance to thrive.


The ‘Island of Romance,’ Seychelles is an archipelago located in the Indian Ocean. A member of the African Union, Seychelles boasts 115 islands filled with spectacular views — a place where flaming love and passion flourish. It houses an interminable expanse of beaches and shells, unbridled and exquisite paradise, as well as vivid underwater life and coral reefs.

When you find yourself in Seychelles, make it a point to visit the Aride Island Nature Reserve where a million seabirds, including endemic species such as Magpie Robins, Brush Warblers, and Blue Pigeon flew and revel in their freedom overhead. Aside from these, Seychelles is also known for its arts. It is a must for every couple who visits the area to see the studio of Andrew Gee and a collection of all his original works. Creativity and love, after all, go hand in hand together.


The home of marbled palaces, a soft glow of fading daylight, ceaseless passageways, cobblestones, taverns, silent mists, and street performers, Venice is the land where magic and romance blend themselves in the air.

Prominent for its grandeur, Venice is a city that perfectly wears its royal cloak. Lined with Venetian architecture and towering churches, this precise spot on the planet never fails in capturing every lovers’ hearts. If you find yourself in Venice, be sure to explore every alleyway and find the secret passages — those that leads back to the country’s striking history: the Arsenal shipyards where thousand warships were stationed, old libraries containing banned reading materials, as well as timeless theatres where classical music and plays go on and on without stopping.In every person’s heart resides the love for everything beautiful: souvenirs, photographs, letters, music, time period, as well as places.

We are lucky to be living on a planet that houses all these — the gold lights in the Eiffel Tower, the moonlight cruise in Maldives, pristine beaches in Fiji Islands, million seabirds in Seychelles, as well as the blend of love and magic in Venice. What could be more exhilarating than living this lifetime, with all these gifts around us just waiting to be opened and savoured.

So, here are the most romantic destinations in the world. I hope you enjoy reading the piece. Feel free to comment and share this article to your friends. Also, the next post is on the way for you.