Perhaps the glory of hiking activities reached its peak this year, with all these beautifully captured photos in social media networks. These are good things, these memories we accumulate as we take each step and aim for the mountaintop. These pictures will be the memento of our past years in times to come, things that will we pull and look into and draw comfort. If you are a real mountain climber, here are the seven hikes that you have to do once in your life. If you are not, don’t worry, this article is for you as well — make memories and take lots of photos.

Inca Trail in Peru

Stretching 26 miles or approximately 43 kilometres, Inca Trail is a blend of idyllic landscapes, subtropical jungle, snow-capped mountain peaks, and lush scenery. Aside from this, it is a home of ruins and paving stones and endless tunnels which offer the Lost City of the Incas — the Machu Picchu — at its concluding destination. Of all treks in South America, Inca Trail is the most popular. On the other hand, tourists and adventurers alike rated as one in the Top 5 most beautiful treks in the world.

West Coast Trail in Canada

If you want a coastal experience that will make your heart skip its beat, then Canada’s West Coast Trail is perfect for you. Aside from the elegant architecture of its coastal community, the trail also offers a castle, a waterfront, an old lighthouse and the stunning view of the Pacific Coast Mountains bordered by Pacific Rim. Added to these, West Coast Trail is also known for its caverns and massive waterfalls, sandy beaches and rugged precipices, wildlife, and history of ancient cultures and civilisation. To top it all, it also boasts a vast number of shipwrecks — thus winning ‘Graveyard of the Pacific’ as its nickname.

W Trek in Patagonia

Globally renowned, W Trek in Patagonia offers not only a challenging climb but also a stunning scenery where you can feast your eyes upon. The landscape and scenery are simply one of the most spectacular views existing on the surface of this planet. Take your hike around the famous Torres del Paine with its serrated mountain cliffs and ridges, mossy forests, and Patagonian Steppe. When evening arrives, have a feast and fill your belly with Patagonian means and ale and wine. On average, the trip takes about 4-5 days to be completed.

Annapurna Circuit in Nepal

Situated in Central Nepal, Annapurna Circuit is the home of sacred pilgrimage routes, exotic animal and plant species, rugged terrains, remote yet captivating land expanses and forests, wildlife, and luxe huts. Towering and vast, its 128 miles distance always succeed in enchanting backpackers, hikers, and travel writers alike. Annapurna Circuit has wild jungles where you can see monkeys with their bananas at close range. Aside from this, it also has towering and narrow canyons like the ones in Oregon, USA. If there is a montage of everything that is beautiful on the planet, you will find it in this place.

Camino de Santiago in Spain

Also known as Way of St. James, St. James’ Path, Route of Santiago de Compostela, and Road to Santiago, Camino de Santiago is an extensive network of interconnected Pilgrims route. It heads straight to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in the northwestern part of Spain, where, according to the Spanish tradition, the remains of St. James lay. It monasteries built centuries ago. Added to these, it contains the memories of Ernest Hemingway when he had his pilgrimage. Passing through France’s great Pyrenees to Spain’s high plains, Camino de Santiago is a place where anyone can perfectly practice their religious devotion.

Pacific Crest Trail in the USA

Stretching 2,650 miles, Pacific Crest Trail passes through California, Oregon, and Washington. It begins at the Mexican border in California and ends in the Canadian border. It features a white expanse of desert and sand dunes, the glaciers of Sierra Nevada, dark and mossy forests, massive waterfalls, and a view of volcanic peaks at Cascading Range. This is unique because it can start with pure, remote adventure in the south and end with a beautiful romantic getaway in the Pacific Northwest, making it an incredibly diverse hike.Pacific Crest Trail offers the most spectacular and scenic sights in this planet. It represents everything there is to love not only in the US geography but the entire world as well.

Mount Apo in the Philippines

With an elevation of 3144 meters above sea level, Mount Apo is the highest point in the Philippines. Locally known as the Grand Father of all Philippine Mountains, Mt. Apo is the dream destination of all Filipino mountaineer. Showcasing the lushness of its vegetation and pristine jungle, it is the home of exotic species of flora and fauna that only thrives in the area. Aside from these, Mt. Apo is also where the endangered Philippine Eagle can be found.

We indeed live in a great planet with all these beautiful places to see and explore. And this is a chance we should not miss in this lifetime. See the Machu Picchu in Peru. Watch the cascading waterfalls in West Coast Trail in Canada. Explore the majesty of the W Trek in Patagonia. Conquer the endless expanse of Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. Commune with nature in Camino de Santiago in Spain. Be awed of everything spectacular in Pacific Crest Trail in the USA. Fly with the Philippine Eagles in Mount Apo.