Are you a passionate traveller and photographer, who loves to share your photos or videos? Are you tired of giving up your unique photos just on social networks? These websites bring solutions exactly for you.

Using any of these services everybody will be able to see your creations in highest quality, under your own domain, with the ability to sell.

Also your photos will be completely safe with these services. And you will save plenty of your disk space with backup provided. Our editorship has reviewed the three best choices in this field for you.


Bluemelon is a perfect match for travel bloggers with a starting photograph portfolio. For a low yearly fee, it will provide you with your own website, which you can adjust as you fancy.

Also your photos and videos will always be stored safely and available to use, organised in one place. Your travel memories will be well protected with Bluemelon watermarks, your own logo, and limiting the resolution of your files publicly available.

Using organised album structure, you do not have to sell or show your photos and videos one by one, but you can showcase and sell complete series of files at once.

To give your stories a special feeling, integrated themes and the Bluemelon theme designer is a perfect match. The pricing structure is very simple.

You get a basic account and buy additional storage space, or you upgrade to a business account. The prices start at $30 / year.

In terms of business, your account is connected directly to your Pay Pal or 2checkout account and you do not have to pay any additional fees to Bluemelon for generated sales.

Blue Melon Photo Services

Blue Melon.


For somebody who is in business little while longer, here comes Smugmug. It will charm you with its sophisticated designs, which will make your travelling experiences appear unique, very professional and unforgettable.

It does not matter how many photos or videos you have, because Smugmug offers unlimited uploads in all accounts.

Your Smugmug showcase will be shown at utmost quality on every device. Your customers can purchase not only file downloads but also high quality prints and other photo-based products. Several photo labs around the world will print and ship for you.

The pricing structure is a little bit complicated than it is at BlueMelon. Basically, the more features you require, the more you pay for your Smugmug account.

Pricing starts from $48 / year for accounts without selling functionality and from $150 / year for accounts with selling functionality.

However, Smugmug will also keep 15% of all your sales. Smugmug will receive all of the incoming payments from your customers, and after a while you can request your pay check.

SmugMug Photo Services



This service is significantly different from Bluemelon and Smugmug. This is  because 500px is a social network and does not offer isolated websites for photographers.

It works on a principle of sharing photos among many participating photographers. 500px is adjusted for people who take a joy in photographing and travelling.

While the profile customisation is less developed compared to previous services, it does not disturb us much.

That is because your artwork is clearly visible and at the best position to be seen by many visitors attracted by 500px, and best of all, it can be used for free with few  limitations, but adding your artwork to 500px marketplace is not one of them.

However, 500px will keep a large part of your sales. Additionally, there is difference between selling your work exclusively by 500px or also through some other services.

If you sell just by 500px you can keep 60% of net sales, but if your photo is non-exclusive, you keep just 30%. This is the price you pay for using a service for free which provides you also customer.

If you wish to compare your work with the work of other fellow photographers, 500px prepares special quests that you are welcome to join and win prices prepared by 500px.

500px Photo Services



Cannot decide what is best for you?  If you already have an established blog or website with decent amount of visitors, we would advise you to start with Bluemelon.

At Bluemelon you get some really fine-tuned features for a fair price and without contributing any additional fees. Unlike 500px you do not need to worry that your visitors end up purchasing work from some of your competitors.

On the other side,  if you are just starting with travel blogging and you have not a visitor base yet, the only reasonable option is to use 500px that can be used for free and can provide you visitors and potential buyers.

If you are passionate about modern designs, you can try Smugmug. Although the price is higher, and you have to pay fee for each sold file, superb design and features may be worth it.

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